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Civil and Criminal Asset Forfeiture happens when the government takes property, such as your cash, your car, your house, etc. They take this property alleging it has been used to assist the commission of a crime. It is up to the citizen to ask the court to have the government return the property. Civil Asset Forfeiture occurs when an individual has not been charged with a crime; the government just wants the property. Criminal Asset Forfeiture usually occurs in conjunction with criminal charges. 

If you have had property or cash seized by police or another government agency, please call our office or email under the “Contact Us” link, with a brief description of your case, and we will set up a consultation as soon as we are able. 

“Americans have a right to presumed innocence, making the idea of the government’s seizing property without due process incompatible with the Constitution and our founding principles.”
Justice Clarence Thomas

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