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People are charged with crimes they committed and crimes they didn’t commit. It does not matter which category applies to your case. It is a challenging and difficult time for anyone charged with a crime. You do not lose or sacrifice your humanity because you have been charged with a crime, regardless of guilt or innocence. Guilt or innocence is irrelevant to the criminal defense lawyer. The government is required to respect and guarantee the constitutional rights to its citizens. This process and these rights are protected by first asking these questions:

  • How did the government get the evidence against you? 

  • What right did the government have to arrest you? 

  • Who can the government call to testify against you?

  • Is that witness reliable?

  • What evidence does the government have?

  • Will that evidence be admissible at trial? Is it reliable?

  • Can the government meet its burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt? 

The best criminal defense attorneys ask these questions, and be well satisfied with the answers, before they even consider whether a crime was actually committed.

I have had success representing clients in all alleged crimes; Murder, Sexual Abuse (rape & statutory rape), Child Endangerment, Burglary, Robbery, Financial crimes such as Forgery, Fraud, Embezzlement; Willful Injury, Assault, Domestic Assault, Theft, Operating While Intoxicated, Harassment, and any vehicular crimes or regulatory violations.


If you have been charged with a crime or have been contacted by a police officer investigating you for a crime, please call our office or email under the “Contact Us” link, with a brief description of your case, and we will set up a consultation as soon as we are able. 

“Far too often, to be charged with a crime is to become something less than human.”
Jerome F. Buting, author of Making a Murder book that inspired the Netflix series

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