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If you have been injured by another person or another company or agency of any kind, you may be able to collect compensation as a result of your injuries. If you’ve been in a car collision, been injured on the premises of a company, or been the subject of an assault or any other injury inflicted upon you by another individual, you can collect compensation for your past and future medical bills, your past and future lost wages or income, your past and future pain and suffering, and possibly punitive (punishment) damages that will prevent the person from injuring other persons similarly situated to you. 

You will need an attorney to be ruthless in collecting and investigating evidence on your behalf. You will need an attorney to diligently test the admissibility, credibility, and weight of that evidence during any hearings or trial. You will need an attorney that will present a compassionate and thorough story on your behalf during all proceedings in your case. An attorney is more than an advocate for your rights, it’s a relationship and partnership in telling your story.


If you have been injured and are the subject to any of the above mentioned, please call our office or email under the “Contact Us” link, with a brief description of your case, and we will set up a consultation as soon as we are able. 

“Americans have a right to presumed innocence, making the idea of the government’s seizing property without due process incompatible with the Constitution and our founding principles.”
Justice Clarence Thomas

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